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Field Test IR Collimator

Field Test IR Collimator
Field Test IR Collimator
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  The CFT is a compact, lightweight, self-contained infrared collimator. Designed to withstand severe field conditions.

  The CFT is used to perform Go/No-Go FLIR testing in the field without the need to disassemble and transport the FLIRs and sights to the lab. For accurate MRTD testing, the CFT embedded software uses a radiometric compensation algorithm which verifies that the CFT emits a constant radiance, despite changing ambient temperatures.

        S P E C I F I C A T I O N S :





Effective Focal Length

252 mm (approx. 10”)

500 mm (approx. 19.7")

Clear Aperture

48 mm (1.9”) diameter

125 mm (4.9”) diameter

Spectral band

3-5 microns or 8-12 microns

Blackbody Differential Temperature

0°C to 20°c

Blackbody Accuracy

±0.01ºc x ∆T or 0.05ºc whichever is greater

Blackbody Stability



90% Average


5 cy/mrad @ 3-5µm,  3.5 cy/mrad @8-12µm

Target Definition


Field of View


3.5 kg

4.8 kg

Operational Temperature

-20°c to +40°c

Input Power

20-30 VDC

Physical Size

430 (L) x 170 (W) x 220 (H) mm

452 (L) x 193 (W) x 216 (H) mm

Mechanical Interface to Unit 
under Test

Manufactured by CI Systems on request

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