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TAL 007

TAL 007
TAL 007
  • TAL 007
  • TAL 007
  • TAL 007
  • TAL 007
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TAL 007 is the most versatile vehicle-mounted hydraulically operated assault ramp system.

          Designed for rescue and tactical operations, TAL 007 eliminates the need for hand-carried ladders in most tactical operation situations. Rescuers and tactical teams have the ability to enter a structure or an aircraft using various entry points at different elevations, resulting in more efficient and faster rescues.

Frame:                           Aircraft aluminum extrusion or equivalent

Deck surface:                  Slip-resistant aluminum sheets

Finish:                            All aluminum components are black anodized. All steel components are corrosion-proof treated  and black painted

Construction:                  Modular enabling quick easy assembly and dismantle

Attachment:                    Field quick mounted without special tools

Power supply:                 24VDC from the platform vehicle RAM 2000

Weight:                          1020 kg

Dimension (on RAM 2000):         Total width: 2360 mm

Total length: 6378 mm

Total height (safety railing folded down): 3000 mm

Maximum reach:                      10.2 meters in height

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Product price sale: 0
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